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Refine data

Add a calculation to the data set

When you create a calculation, it is added as a column in your data asset. The calculated column is available for every discovery set that you create. The following video will show how to:

  • use Refine feature to open and examine the data set.
  • in Refine, use the Actions button to add a calculation as a column.
  • use columns from the data set in the calculation expression.
  • examine other options (operators, functions) for creating the calculation expression.
  • create the calculation and examine the new column.

Add a data group to the data set

Create a data group if you want to organize data into certain bins when the data from the data source does not do that. Groups can make it easier to read and analyze your data. The following video will show how to:

  • use the Refine feature to:
    • create a continuous data group
    • create a categorical data group
  • examine the data groups in a Discovery

Add a hierarchy

Hierarchies help you navigate through large amounts of data. For example, you have data about the sales of camping equipment, tents, and Star Gazer tent. You can analyze revenue values at the camping equipment level, and then drill down to view revenue values at a more granular level for all tents, and subsequently for the Star Gazer tent itself. The following video will show:

  • automatic creation of a hierarchy in a data set
  • how to manually create a hierarchy in a Discovery
  • how to use the automatic and manually created hierarchies to drill up and down on data in a Discovery

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