Faceted Search Engine Made Easy.

Implementing a powerful search engine in your app or website is easier than you think.

What is Simple Search Service?

In your travels across the Web, you’ve probably come across handy search engines that let you search for terms and filter results by specific values.
Example of search facets
Viewers click a link on the right to narrow down results and find exactly what they want.
You too can add a search feature like this to your web apps without breaking a sweat. Simple Search Service is an IBM Bluemix app that lets you quickly create a faceted search engine, exposing an API you can use to bring search into your own apps. The service includes a guided web app that lets you preview the API and test it against your own data. Once you deploy, just upload your CSV or TSV data, specify which fields to facet, and the service handles the rest.

How It Works

Simple Search Service is a Node.js app that you can get and use immediately by deploying to the IBM Bluemix platform-as-a-service with a couple of mouse clicks. Deployment automatically provisions a Cloudant account, attaches it to the service, and presents a web app that lets you upload a data file. The service automatically imports that data into Cloudant, with every field indexed for search. IBM Simple Search Service architecture Simple Search Service then exposes a RESTful search API that your application can use. The API is CORS-enabled, so your client-side web app can use it without issue. The API is also caches popular searches in an in-memory data store for faster retrieval. You can scale this solution by adding multiple Simple Search Service nodes and a centralized cache that uses Redis by Compose (also available on Bluemix). In fact, a similar architecture powers the search experience in the Bluemix services catalog.

Next Steps