Code and Response

Saving lives with open technology

How will your code change the world?

To facilitate the development and launch of innovative, life-changing open technology, IBM has created Code and Response.

This $25 million, four-year initiative will build, fortify, test, and launch open technology solutions that help communities needing critical aid. Our focus for 2019 is Disaster Preparation and Recovery, with an emphasis on health and wellness.

As a launching point for open source programs like Call for Code and Clinton Global Initiative University, Code and Response will support the entire process of creating solutions for those most in need.

Do you have big ideas that can create big change?

Call for Code is seeking solutions for this year’s challenge. Head to the 2019 Challenge Experience and join. You may even see your open source idea implemented through the Code and Response program!

Learn about the coding challenge initiatives

Call for Code

Call for Code unites developers and data scientists around the world to create sustainable, scalable, and life-saving open source technologies via the power of Cloud, AI, blockchain and IoT technologies.

Clinton Global Initiative University

Clinton Global Initiative University in partnership with IBM commits to inspiring university students to harness modern, emerging and open source technologies to develop solutions for disaster response and resilience challenges.

The 2018 Call for Code Challenge winner is Project Owl!

IBM Developer congratulates the team of Project OWL for winning the 2018 Call for Code Challenge. Project OWL (Organization, Whereabouts, and Logistics) is a two-part hardware/software solution. It creates an offline communication infrastructure during natural disasters, giving First Responders a simple and reliable interface to manage every facet of search, rescue, and restore.

As the first solution to be facilitated and launched by IBM’s Code and Response initiative, Project OWL will be tested in Puerto Rico this year. We’ll keep you up to date on this incredible collaboration between IBM Corporate Service Corps and the OWL implementation partners.

Call for Code 2018 Winners - Project Owl

Explore technologies that can be used to build world-changing solutions, then get your hands on the code

Internet of Things

Collect and analyze device sensor data to take corrective or preventative action automatically.

Explore types of disasters and how we can lessen their effects through technology

Earthquakes and Tsunamis

Hurricanes and Typhoons



Floods and Storm Surges

Extreme Weather

2019 Challenge: Healthcare in the wake of disaster

When areas are hit by a natural disaster, access to community healthcare is crucial. Creating open source technologies for healthcare can reduce risks of disease, create options for emergency care, improve data and resource availability, and help victims navigate the psychological support needed throughout the crisis.

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