Project Owl pilots winning mesh network in Puerto Rico

Watch this mini-documentary to see how Project Owl deployed its DuckLinks and turned code into community action in Puerto Rico with a host of partners and volunteers.

How to build an internet when it's gone

Following a natural disaster, first responders need an effective solution to prioritize relief efforts when connectivity is lost. Project Owl, the Call for Code 2018 winner, addresses this with a network of quickly deployed hotspots that can gather vital information from people in need.

Call for Code devs

Your code could save lives

Join the Call for Code 2019 Global Challenge community to build solutions that use cloud, data, AI, IoT, and blockchain technology to help communities prepare for and respond to natural disasters.

Rebuilding communities after a hurricane

Hurricanes create powerful winds, extensive flooding, and landslides. Technical solutions can range from predicting storm surge using data to ensuring the elderly can evacuate safely.

Learn how your code can help with hurricanes
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