The role of open source in mitigating natural disasters

The Code and Response initiative is built on open principles that accelerate your development

Can your code
change the world?

For the Code and Response initiative, we fully embrace open source technologies and open governance. Open source transforms your projects from good ideas into technology at a rate that cannot be achieved through proprietary software development.

The same open source principles that have brought us some of the most innovative technology today, such as containers and blockchain, can be applied to help firefighters predict where a wildfire will spread or a household trapped by floods signal their location.

When developers from diverse backgrounds and companies come together, we have our best shot at the innovation that can best help communities deal with the impact of natural disasters.

The open source difference in Code and Response

Open at the core

Open at the core

Access to the latest foundational building blocks from Kubernetes to Hyperledger

Your code stays open

Your code stays open

Code written for the for a Code and Response initiative is Apache 2 Licensed

Open governance models

Open governance models

Deployment of solutions can be scaled through open governance

Start building now

Over 100k developers have already participated in the Call for Code, a Code and Response initiative. Start your open source development using one of these starter kits.

Open source projects from Code and Response

Project Owl

Learn more about the Call for Code 2018 Global Challenge winner Project Owl, whose solution is built on Java and Ruby on Rails.