After several months of work we are happy to present the Watson Unity SDK, an SDK to enable the Unity community to access the Watson Developer Cloud and build a cognitive application in Unity. I’ve been involved in the game industry for 22+ years now, but I can tell you in all honestly working in the Watson Innovation Labs and on this project has been the highlight of my career. This SDK really represents the first phase in what we plan to bring to the community, which in the end will be a framework for building a full cognitive application. You as a developer will find very simple C# service abstractions for accessing Dialog, Speech To Text, Text to Speech, Language Translation, and Natural Language Classification services. Additionally, we’ve implemented something we are calling a Widget, which has inputs and outputs and performs some basic function. These widgets can be connected together to form a graph for the data that’s routed for a given cognitive application. The widgets will attempt to automatically connect to each other, or you as a developer can override that behavior and manually take control of the process. We’ve implemented widgets for all of the basic services and provide a couple of example applications showing how they can work together. We plan to continue to expand and build on the Watson Unity SDK. We invite you to join us in contributing to and using the SDK, or by simply giving us your feedback. We’d love to have you on board for this ride!

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