As previously noted in a post by @jeffborek, IBM made a proposed hyperledger-logocontribution of our Open Blockchain project to the Hyperledger Project  hosted by the Linux Foundation. IBM was not alone. In fact, there were no less than six proposals made – and more are expected. Well, the Hyperledger community has been busy. We have held a “hackathon” hosted by JP Morgan Chase in Brooklyn the week of March 21 to work on a number of experiments and to explore the various proposals, as well as to start building relationships among the various members. There was quite a bit of activity at the hackathon, some of it true hacking, but there was also a lot of progress made on development of the project’s use cases, requirements, and white paper, and of course there were plenty of extra-curricular activities, with a meet-up each night. At the close of the hackathon, a team of engineers that had been working on implementation of a proposal to integrate Open Blockchain with the UTXO (unspent transaction output) transaction processing capability from Digital Asset Holdings and Blockstream’s libconsensus demonstrated success in integrating these respective projects. Out of that success, a formal proposal was made to request incubation of the merged project. I am happy to report that that proposal was unanimously approved by the Hyperledger Technical Steering Committee and the first incubating project of the Hyperledger initiative has been established. Thus, the Open Blockchain project has officially graduated from developerWorks Open! There’s still much to be done, but the Hyperledger project is coming together nicely. Slack discussions are picking up, and many are looking for ways to contribute. It is an exciting time! If you’re interested, please do consider joining our community.

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