Brunel Visualization collage We are excited to announce our upcoming release of Version 2.0 of Brunel Visualization. We’ve switched to D3 v4.0 to give us a nice performance boost. We’ve also added support for custom events, new accessibility features, several new styling options, grids, reference lines, labeling improvements, animations, and greatly simplified integration for R Notebooks. The new custom event feature offers broad flexibility for interactive visualizations — even in Notebooks. The example below shows a custom Javascript function called from within a Jupyter Notebook that draws a red dot that trails the mouse as you hover over points in a scatterplot. You can also use this same technique to interrogate data points, make use of the data field properties or control how pan and zoom operates. See our online docs for more info. Brunel Visualization red dot example We’d love to get your feedback on the improvements we’ve made. Visit if you would like to help us test it out!

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