The new Version 1.0 of the OpenPOWER Host OS repository is now available. The OpenPOWER Host OS repository is an open source repository and collaboration model that contains core elements for a Linux Host OS and KVM virtualization, enabling the OpenPOWER community members and partners to build their own derivative Linux distribution and products with the most recent features. The full collection of components can be found on GitHub in the OpenPOWER Host OS repository. Additional information on how to get started can be found at the OpenPOWER Host OS builds repository. Key validated features include:
  • Addition/removal of virtual devices
  • Dynamic and Static split core (good for small VMs/workloads)
  • CPU, memory, I/O affinity
  • Processor and memory over-commit and sharing
  • Live migration
  • PCI pass-through
  • Mixed mode: big-endian and little-endian guests
  • Little-endian hypervisor (easier to be consumed by OpenPOWER partners)
New and noteworthy features include:
  • kernel and qemu hot patch
  • PCI-passthrough for multi-function adapters
  • NPIV
  • VEPA
  • Virtio 1.0
You can see the history of every version by taking a looking at our versioning repository.

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