IBM Watson services are now available as Node-RED nodes. Watson on Node-RED will help you build more powerful applications by making it easier to access Watson’s unmatched suite of services through Node-RED, and to model apps that take advantage of Watson’s unmatched capabilities. IBM Watson, Node-RED, IBM Betaworks combined logos We want to help you get up and running and quickly designing more powerful apps. To that end, we have launched a new developerWorks course, Node-RED: Basics to bots, that will help you bring your Watson on Node-RED skills from beginner to advanced. The course comes in four parts that build on each other. To get started all you need is a working Bluemix ID.
  • Part 1: We give you an introduction to Node-RED, and guide you as you develop your first ‘hello world’ flows, making use of the Watson Language Translator service.
  • Part 2: Start to build beginner-level flows making use of HTML Web pages. You develop and consume REST APIs, in your Node-RED flows.
  • Part 3: Build intermediate-level flows adding in capability from community developed nodes you will develop Speech to Text, Text to Speech, Conversation bots that you can speak to and hear the responses.
  • Part 4: Build advanced-level flows making use of techniques that allow you to build complex web pages, and how to integrate your Conversation bot to Facebook Messenger.
Don’t miss this chance to supercharge your apps, and to harness the power of IBM Watson and simplicity of Node-RED designs. Register for Node-RED: Basics to bots today!

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