There’s a tremendous satisfaction to cooking a mouthwatering meal, and seeing people you love enjoy it while you’re eating with them. Watching them enjoy the meal you’ve made, gives you a double pleasure! The Brunel Visualizations team is, metaphorically speaking, in this situation with their project. To be clear, Brunel Visualizations is a domain-specific language that defines a set of composable atomic “actions” that, when stitched together, produce an extraordinarily large variety of data visualizations. I wrote some code last year to help me manage the developerWorks Open projects, particularly caching some stats pulled from GitHub. I needed to show the data pictorially. Of course, my first thought was to use Brunel Visualizations, one of the projects I advocate for. I went to their site and pulled down the relevant code and began using it. I used Node.js in the backend, jQuery in the frontend, and Cloudant as the backing store. That was my “angularless” CEAN stack. As the coordinator of our Tech Talk series, I use that app to gauge the projects’ health and to gain insight into which project owners I should invite to our talks.

Top committers for the last six months

Dan Rope, one of the creators of Brunel, helped me finesse some of the charts. I then customized the Brunel JavaScript that calls one of the rendering engines fronted by Brunel into a jade template to create the needed visualizations. The user of the app gets to pick which chart is rendered with the data. Bluemix-docs The Bluemix documentation project is the most active of our projects. Already for the month of February, their commits count is over 100. Our next most active project is Eclipse OMR. If you are writing runtimes for the cloud and want to approach the problem from a building-blocks perspective while not creating all the blocks yourself, then OMR is your guy. Our first Tech Talk of the year featured this project, and Mark Stoodley (@mstoodle) hit a home run. Because his chat was so well received, we’re looking to bring Mark back later this year for round two. 2ndchart Amalgam8 is our third busiest project. I am showing their stats with a chord chart–one of my favorites from Brunel. amalgam8-commits And there you have it. You don’t have to be a cook to enjoy someone’s culinary masterpieces. Dan Rope did enjoy his own cooking. Good for him. I feel like I am cooking by osmosis. I mix the projects I look after, using their code to do real work, creating an app that makes my work easier, and using that information to make better decision about the Tech Talks I supervise. Let’s say that I can at least create a tossed salad.

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