Image of TJBot cardboard robot It’s easy to think of TJBot as a person. After all, TJ responds to voice commands, displays emotions, and can carry on a chat. But TJBot is actually a programmable cardboard robot powered by IBM Watson. This little robot gives you an entry point into the world of artificial intelligence and “embodied cognition.” Now you can embed AI and cognitive capabilities into everyday objects and enhance your device interactions. The innovators behind TJBot invite you to contribute to this fun open source project. This is your chance to roll up your sleeves and discover the practical aspects of AI, and to be a part of a technological revolution. If you’ve been reading about artificial intelligence and wondering how to get involved, TJBot is for you. You’ll learn how to embed cognitive capability into your devices and apps, and you’ll have a good time doing it. TJ’s creators have provided three basic “recipes” for you enable your robot to respond to simple voice commands, analyze and react to emotion within tweets, and function as a conversational agent. You can use these recipes to get TJBot up and running, and then it’s your turn. Play with the code; create new functions and capabilities; make TJ more “human.” The only limit is your imagination!

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