Imagine that your team is a mobile video game studio of three people. You just released an addictive new puzzle game that users can play with friends. People love it. Then Apple features it on the App Store. The social connections overload your backend services. Score data overwhelms your database. The one-star reviews pour in.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. If you had implemented your backend logic as individual microservices deployed to a serverless platform like OpenWhisk, the system could have autoscaled to match demand exactly. And you would have paid only for the resources consumed in direct proportion to the number of users that paid for your game.

This is the promise of an event-driven, serverless architecture for new cloud-native applications such as those that support the microservices needed for mobile gaming backends. Check out the new OpenWhisk demo on building Serverless HTTP REST APIs and start dreaming about building your next hit game, not worrying about its backend infrastructure.

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