In many of today’s cloud-native applications, data is generated at huge volumes. It’s often collected as a raw feed of information that must be replicated, processed, and transformed to extract value. Many NoSQL platforms provide built in map/reduce functionality, but what if you have to invoke another data service or system instead?

With an event-driven architecture built on OpenWhisk, you can write functions that respond to changes in databases and execute logic to process or send data to other systems in a modern distributed architecture. And you would only pay for the resources consumed by your analysis logic for the fractions of a second that it runs.

This is the promise of an event-driven, serverless architecture for new cloud-native analytics applications such as those that support database transformations. Check out the new OpenWhisk demo on responding to Cloudant data changes and start realizing the value in your data, not worrying about whether you’ll have enough servers to extract insights from it.

View the entire Respond to Database Changes Journey, including demos, code, and more!

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