In many of today’s cloud-native applications, data is generated at huge volumes and is used to link highly distributed services. Apache Kafka provides a system to stream messages at scale, but the systems that receive those messages must be able to process and act on individual records as well.

With an event-driven architecture built on OpenWhisk, you can write functions that respond to messages from queues and execute logic to process or send data to other systems in a distributed architecture. And you’ll pay only for the resources consumed by your analytics functions for the fractions of a second that they run. This gives you a tight match between transactions processed and cloud resources used.

This is the promise of an event-driven, serverless architecture for new cloud-native applications such as those that support high volume stream-based message processing. Check out the new OpenWhisk demo on responding to Message Hub records and start processing messages at scale, not worrying about whether you’ll have enough servers manage the volume.

View the entire Respond to Messages and Handle Streams Journey, including demos, code, and more!

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