We are pleased to introduce the new ‘Save and Share’ feature in the JSONata Exerciser. The Exerciser gives you a very quick, convenient way to try out JSONata using the built-in sample data. It has also proved extremely popular with users for developing expressions to work against their data before pasting them into their code, or other tools like Node-RED. The Exerciser works as a test bed, allowing you to paste in your JSON data on the left-hand side, and then evaluate the expression to show the results. All the processing is done in real time within the browser and is a great example of how the JSONata engine can be embedded within a web page.

A new button

You can now show off your JSONata skills to the world using the ‘Save and Share’ button. Click on the familiar ‘share’ icon in the navigation bar and click the checkbox to say you are not a robot! Your data and expression will then be stored anonymously on our website, and we give you a link to share with your colleagues or stash away in your list of awesomeness. Like this one – http://try.jsonata.org/BkEB5uFol. It does grouping and aggregation to convert a daily NPM download report of JSONata into a monthly summary. We like it, so we thought we’d share it.

The following demo shows you how to do this in real-time.

There is no need to register or authenticate to use this. Your expression is viewable by anyone with the link. And if you loose the link — sorry, the expression is lost for good!

Go share the fun – http://try.jsonata.org

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