Joir-dan Gumbs on analyzing the in-game economy and core metrics of StarCraft.

In this video:

  • Joir-dan Gumbs, IBM Software Engineer, Partner Engagement Lead – Games
  • Angel Diaz, IBM VP, Developer Advocacy & Technology

Joir-dan Gumbs and Angel Diaz discuss IBM’s work to analyze StarCraft. Joir-dan says his team at IBM has gathered over 500 replay files and are analyzing them with IBM Technology. They are looking at how players play the game and looking for key metrics such as in-game economy. They are looking at how amateur and professional players rank in key metrics to see how their play can be improved.

“All players have to focus on the in-game economy and supply and we’re finding a lot of interesting insights surrounding that.”

Angel notes that professional players do that sort of analysis in their head and IBM is using the APIs to extract data out of the game replay and analyze it with the goal of providing guidance to players in real-time and someday improve the AI driving the game plots.

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