Angel Diaz and Spencer Krum discuss eSports and IBM’s work to analyze the show matches by Team Dead Pixels at Interconnect 2017.

In this video:

Angel Diaz and Spencer Krum talk about the revolution in eSports arena. Spencer notes that eSports kicked off StarCraft. He sites an article on ESPN about research that did noting that more people watched the finals of some of the eSports events than watched the NBA finals. Spencer says it’s a global phenomenon for both men and women of all ages.

“eSports is not just 19 year-olds sitting in mom’s basement.”

Angel notes that he runs a gaming community and his 11 year-old daughter and games in that community with all her friends. Angel also says that they spend more time watching, analyzing, and learning from replays videos of Pros playing than they play on their own. Spencer notes that’s why it’s a “sport,” because so many people enjoy watching professionals play in addition to playing themselves.

Spencer talks about the show matches that Team Dead Pixels are playing at Interconnect. He notes that IBM is analyzing the replay data from the matches to look for patterns and pivot points that can help people learn to play the games better.

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