IBM announced Project Intu in November 2016 during the World of Watson conference. Project Intu brings cognition to embedded devices to enrich the user experience on the computing edge. Using open source SDKs, developers can easily leverage Watson services such as Conversation, Speech to Text, Language Recognition, and Visual Recognition allowing cognition-enhanced interaction between smart edge devices and users. For example, a hotel concierge robot leveraging Watson services could combine information about tone, traffic, and weather to provide a more nuanced answer to a query for a restaurant recommendation.

Project Intu, in its experimental form, is now accessible via the Watson Developer Cloud and also available on Intu Gateway and GitHub. Since its launch in November, (add some stats here about the open source project such as commit trends, usage stats and growth since announcement). Give Project Intu a try and let us know what features you would like to see by opening issues in our GitHub repository.

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  1. I am not able to Download “Intu Starter Kit”.
    Please tell me the issue.
    Link is :

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