Chatbots have become commonplace but result in little more than novelty for most applications. There exists a lot of untapped potential, and using the right tools, in addition to a chatbot, can make your bot go from novelty to necessary.

With our journey, you can load Watson Discovery with unstructured data and query Discovery to find insights about the Data. This differs from the traditional, more structured flow of a chatbot. Additionally, we use an existing database to store, modify and read information — allowing us to make changes for a user and track their activity.

Check out the entire Create a “cognitive” retail chatbot Journey, that includes code, a snappy deployment button, and more!

3 comments on"Quickly create a Slack based Chatbot with Watson Conversation"

  1. Hi Steve, I have tried to follow the instruction to create the chatbot. For step 5, I have created a slack group but can’t find any custom integrations for the Bot. Is it I must be under the same slack group with the appropriate permissions in order to see the custom integrations. Thanks!

  2. Steve Martinelli May 11, 2017

    Hey William, if you created the slack group then you can probably create a bot. Can you try accessing “”, and type in “bots” into the search bar? The first result should be “Bots”, clicking on that should allow you to create a new configuration for a chatbot.

  3. Salmaan Akhtar December 07, 2017

    What would I do if i was to create my own chat bot with Watson Conversation.How would I get it to slack

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