OpenPOWER Host OS, Version 2.0 is now available! This is the first release to include code for the next generation of POWER9 processors. You’ll find the full collection of components in the OpenPOWER Host OS repository on GitHub. Additional information on how to get started is in the OpenPOWER Host OS builds repository.

New and noteworthy

The following list contains some of the new features included in this release. Be sure to check the Version 2.0 release page for full details.

  • Initial POWER9 boot support
  • Initial support for POWER9 guests
  • Support for up to 1024 vCPUs
  • PCI passthrough stability improvements

You can also see the history of every version on our releases page.

What is OpenPOWER Host OS?

OpenPOWER Host OS is an open source repository and collaboration model that contains core elements for a Linux Host OS and KVM virtualization. It enables OpenPOWER community members and partners to build their own derivative Linux distribution and products with the most recent features.

This is an ideal project for anyone looking for an open and free alternative to run KVM virtualization on OpenPOWER platforms.

The following list contains some of its key validated features:

  • Addition/removal of virtual devices
  • Dynamic and Static split core (good for small VMs/workloads)
  • CPU, memory, I/O affinity
  • Processor and memory over-commit and sharing
  • Live migration
  • PCI pass-through
  • Mixed mode: big-endian and little-endian guests
  • Little-endian hypervisor (easier to be consumed by OpenPOWER partners)
  • Dynamic micro-threading
  • Virtio 1.0

Check out the OpenPOWER Host OS overview today, and take advantage of all the new functions in Version 2!

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