Noted computer scientist Eric Brewer’s CAP Theorem claims that for scalable systems, consistency, availability, and partition tolerance are trade-offs, and it is impossible to build systems containing all those properties.

The SQL-based relational model prevailed for the past 30 years — but things are changing. To meet the need for more scalability, NoSQL systems have emerged and evolved to relax and improve aspects of the relational model. Apache Cassandra is a leader in this new breed of widely used NoSQL solutions for managing massive amounts of data.

Apache Cassandra offers a wide range of advantages, including:

  • High scalability and availability with no single point of failure
  • NoSQL column family implementation
  • Cassandra Query Language (SQL-like query language)

The new developer journey, Deploy a scalable database on a container platform, combines the scalable power of Apache Cassandra with the container management convenience of Kubernetes. Using IBM Bluemix Container Service, you can create your first Kubernetes cluster within minutes, and flexibly manage dedicated cluster resources for both stateless (microservice) applications and stateful workloads.

This new developer journey shows you how to implement Kubernetes concepts like ReplicationController and StatefulSets. It walks you through step-by-step instructions to deploy either non-persistent or persistent Cassandra clusters on top of a Bluemix Kubernetes cluster. The journey also integrates the implementation with the Bluemix DevOps toolchain to provide a one-click deployment for anyone who wants to try it out immediately.

We hope this developer journey helps you in your own development work. Please use it, extend it, and let us know how we can improve it. All pull requests to extend the journey are welcome!

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