A new developer journey, Accelerate training of machine learning algorithms, will show developers how PowerAI provides the fastest way to train Machine Learning Algorithms using Google’s TensorFlow.

The hope is that this journey will get developers interested in Power architecture and either subscribe to a virtualization service like Nimbix or purchase Power architecture. There’s another obvious play here: companies with aging infrastructure that already have Power systems laying about and possibly more unused than in the past can now put those machines to work and leapfrog their competition in terms of speed by having them leverage PowerAI to more efficiently training machine learning algorithms.

In this Journey, a single Nimbix session is offered free to the interested developer, and it contains a ready-to-train Predictive Analytics machine learning algorithm that will attempt to surmise if there is any correlation between disparate news sources, analyzed for sentiment using Watson Natural Language Understanding, and Nasdaq Green Index Fund closing level.

It’s a fun guide that will quickly and easily illustrate the value proposition of PowerAI with TensorFlow and we hope developers enjoy it.

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