It comes as no surprise that studies show more than 70 percent of American households play video games. What might surprise you is that there are 1.8 billion gamers worldwide! While it’s hard to explain the appeal to some, it is speculated that video games fill a human void in a way that our world is unable to satisfy: through rewards. Video games and alternate realities reward us in ways that reality does not.

Starcraft II is one of the most popular games to date. It’s a real-time strategy video game that is reported to have over 240K active players worldwide as of April 2017, and at any given time can have up to 60K active players. There are diehard fans who live, breathe, and sleep everything Starcraft and competitions worldwide to seek out the ultimate gamer for this game. So what if you could increase your gameplay and up your status? Not many would turn down that opportunity. Introducing Starcraft II replay analysis!

Since we live in a data-driven world (in addition to a world filled with gamers), we’re excited to share our latest developer journey that allows you to analyze and visualize your Starcraft II replays by using IBM’s Data Science Experience.

Get started with our Starcraft II replay analytics journey today. You’ll find code, step-by-step instructions, architecture diagrams, and more!

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