Chatbots come and go, but which among them can text you sports updates and talk to you from a cute robot body? Enter our Sports Buddy Developer Journey. With this journey, you will learn about how to easily build a configurable chatbot that can learn your favorite team by conversing with you in natural language terms (using Watson Conversation), find updates and scores from said team and give you those updates in a personalized natural language way (Watson Discovery), and alter what or how it says certain things based on your tone (Watson Tone Analyzer) — all from a TJBot, which is a Raspberry Pi housed inside a cute laser-cut cardboard body. Additionally, tinkerers will find a lot of fun things, such as servo motors and different lights, to play with on the robot itself. TJBot Overall, it is our hope that this chatbot robot brings together the best of IBM and third-party hardware plus software to deliver a cute, configurable, and whimsical seeming — but actually very useful for a number of different industry verticals — interactive sports buddy robot.

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