It’s time to get proactive when it comes to our finances! Our new pattern, Create a stress-test app for investment portfolios, puts technology to work to help us all be more financially aware.

For developers, this new pattern shows how powerful financial web services can be in analyzing investment portfolios and understanding different scenarios. Whether you’re working for a financial company, have been tasked with creating a new analytical app, or even if you want to create a tool to manage your own finances, you’ll find this pattern useful, both in the app you create and for the skills you’ll learn along the way.

So what does the app do? It lets you play with financial data and manipulate it to ask “what if?” Worried how a spike in the price of oil will affect your portfolio? Punch in the numbers and find out. Concerned about a change in the exchange rate with other major currencies? Check to see what effect a rise or fall might have. Ready for the next bear market? Now you can have a way to find out.

In these uncertain times, knowledge and foresight are valuable commodities. An individual’s investment portfolio status can change on a dime. A developer who knows how to build apps that help people plan for their financial future is a developer who’s in demand. If you want to turbocharge your skill set, get started by checking out the individual Rest API services to learn more about the underlying technology:

Get started with our Create a stress-test app for investment portfolios today. You’ll find code, step-by-step instructions, architecture diagrams, and more. We hope you’ll take the opportunity to use and extend the code. Find out how simple it can be to build applications with real-world value. Anyone with an interest in their financial future will thank you!

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