Steakhouse or vegan. Fine dining or good eats. Candlelight or rooftop patio. Today, you have so many restaurant choices — different atmospheres, styles of food, even amounts served. The sheer number of choices can actually make it harder for you to decide. What’s good? Where do the locals go? How do I know it’s what I’m looking for? The developer who can figure out how to help people make choices will have a massive potential customer base.

Well, now you can be that developer! Our new developer journey, Build a cognitive recommendation app, helps people find their next favorite restaurant … and helps you be the one who makes it possible.

Meet “Cognitive Concierge,” a chatbot who’s in the know. Given the exploding demand for chatbots, it only makes sense to have one that helps you find a place for dinner tonight. Our new developer journey shows you how to build the app and teaches you the techniques you need to expand and adapt it.

Check out Neil Patterson’s blog to learn how to add intelligence to your Swift apps. You’ll discover how to build an application that makes recommendations to a user based on a conversation, all built using Swift integrated with Watson Cognitive APIs. And if you’d like to connect with developers who are diving into Swift programming, why not join the Swift@IBM community Slack channel?

Then head on over to Build a cognitive recommendation app and get started. You’ll soon be building an app — and developing the skills — that people are hungry for!

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