If you’re like me, you’re always thinking to yourself, “there has to be a better way to get things done.” It’s no different when developers are trying to get blockchain applications out the door quickly for their customers. They want to move fast, be agile, and produce great work. Well, developers, meet Hyperledger® Composer. Hyperledger Composer is built on open technology and comes with a tool set that enables you to model your business network. With Composer, you define a Business Network Archive file (that is, a .bna file — think .jar file in Java) that contains all the required information for your blockchain application. This information includes the assets, related transactions, and the participants who can perform the transactions. Our new developer journey, Build a blockchain network, walks you through your first blockchain tasks. And Hyperledger Composer makes it easy. For example, let’s look at something tangible like baseball cards. The information you want to track includes:
  • Assets: Baseball cards
  • Participants: Baseball card deals and collectors
  • Transactions: Buying and selling baseball cards, creating advertisements for selling cards
The Business Network Archive (.bna) file contains the following:
  • Model (.cto file): Defines the business network model, including the definition of the participants, assets, and types of transactions that can be performed.
  • Access Control (.acl file): Defines the actions/operations that the participants can perform on the assets.
  • Transactions (.js file): Defines the transaction context that outlines the functions that perform creations, updates, or deletions on assets or participants.
Image of a .bna file Get started with this developer journey today. You’ll be well on your way to growing your expertise with Hyperledger Composer and building your first blockchain application.

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