In case you missed it, the Watson™ Discovery service was just upgraded 01 Aug 2017. Here’s what changed:
  • The Watson News collection is accessed differently and has new access IDs.
  • Data enrichments are now powered by Watson Natural Language Understanding (NLU), so many of the fields names have been changed.

What does this mean for my application?

Well, if you’ve built any apps that rely on Watson News, OR you use your own data and reference any enriched fields, your app will need to be updated. If your app is in production and you point to a Watson Discovery instance that you created before 01 Aug 2017, you can upgrade until 15 Jan 2018. Your app will fail on 16 Jan 2018 if you have not upgraded. From the Bluemix® tooling perspective, if you have a pre-Aug. 1 Watson Discovery service instance, you will now see two Watson News collections. The new version, called Watson Discovery News, and the old version called Watson Discovery News Original. If you create a new Watson Discovery service instance, you will only see the new Watson News collection.

How about some details?

Here’s a quick list of must-do tasks in order to access/create the new Watson Discovery service:

Update your version date

const discovery = new DiscoveryV1({
   username: credentials.username,
   password: credentials.password,
   version_date: '2017-08-01'

Update your manifest plan

    label: discovery
    plan: lite

Use pre-defined IDs

environment_id: system
collection_id: news

Update your field names

The best place to start is to download this spreadsheet. It provides a complete list of all previous field names along with a description of its status – which can be not changed, deprecated, or a reference to a new name. Some notes on the field name changes:
  • All blekko fields have been been deprecated or replaced by a new field. Note that the popular blekko.hostrank field has no current replacement option.
  • blekko.chrondate has been replaced by crawl_date and has changed from a UNIX date format to UTC. This can be an issue if you are using any library functions that require the date be in a specific format.
  • blekko.documentType has been replaced by source_type, and the value news has been replaced by mainstream.
  • blekko.clean_title has been replaced by title and now always returns a string instead of an array.
  • All of the taxonomy fields have been replaced by enriched_text.categories fields.
  • You should verify any fields that are a score or a number. Some score fields have modified value ranges, and some number fields have changed type, such as from Float to Double.

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