Many people assume IBM Watson™ is a digital assistant of sorts, competing with the others in the market. But actually, Watson is essentially a suite of technologies, many made available for developers to use in conjunction with whatever else they choose. That includes Amazon’s smart home assistant, Alexa. To that end, our new developer journey titled Create an Alexa skill with serverless and a conversation enables you to easily create an advanced Alexa skill that stores context and gives location-based weather forecasts using only open source serverless technology, Watson, and data from The Weather Channel.

Upon completing this journey, you will have learned how to:

– Create an OpenWhisk action in the IBM Cloud Functions serverless platform.

– Use Redis to store a session’s conversation context across events.

– Import a conversation from the Bot Asset Exchange (BAE) or a JSON file.

– Invoke a conversation with Watson using Node.js.

– Use The Weather Channel data service to look up locations and forecasts.

– Create an Alexa skill to reach tens of millions of customers.

We hope that this opens up new possibilities for developers interested in taking advantage of IBM technologies in concert with hot new products like Amazon Alexa and spurs some really inventive new Alexa Skills, too. 🙂

If you build and deploy a skill with Watson and Alexa using this journey, we’d like to know and possibly even throw you a social media shout-out. Please email if you’ve deployed an Alexa skill using this guide and have fun experimenting!

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