IBM is empowering developers to solve the world’s problems–smarter, faster, together. Through our IBM Code initiative, our developer advocates are connecting with developers across the world who are passionate and committed to solving real programming challenges, and we’re making sure they understand how they can use IBM’s platforms, services, and open source technology to achieve their goals.

Working together

We are not an island, and we’re not out to sell you something you don’t need. We want to work with you and help you succeed. Yes, we believe IBM technology is the “gold standard,” but we believe that true collaboration is what moves technology forward.

I hope you’ve already seen and started using our developer journeys. These roadmaps guide you through real-world programming challenges, providing everything you need to quickly solve real coding problems, including architecture diagrams, one-click deployment GitHub repositories, and pointers to essential documentation.

What’s in a name?

Our IBM developer advocates have been excited and gratified to hear from you at conferences, meet-ups, and other in-person events about how useful you’ve found the journeys. However, we began to realize that rather than thinking of these guides as “journeys,” you were seeing them as repeatable patterns that you could use within your own unique circumstances, applying your own tool set and environment.

And that’s why we’ve renamed our developer journeys to “code patterns.” Because that’s what they are: repeatable patterns that you can use, adapt, and improve within your own development environment. We’re not changing the content of the patterns; all the code, overviews, diagrams, and supporting documents are still available to you. We just wanted a name that better described what they are and how you’re using them.

Two pattern types

I invite you to check out our rapidly growing repository of code patterns. We’ve got two types: foundational patterns include everything need to solve real cloud, data and AI problems. Composite patterns bring together foundational patterns into a use case that blends languages and platforms to solve more sophisticated application needs.

Our code patterns cover every major technology; whatever your area of expertise or interest, we’ve got a pattern for you. From cloud, to analytics, to AI and machine learning, you’ll find something to fire your imagination and help you meet your real-world programming challenges.

We’re churning out new patterns all the time. Check them out, adapt them, and help improve them. Our overriding goal is to help you succeed. Let’s innovate together!

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