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The Research Triangle Park (RTP), NC Kubernetes Meetup is a well-organized event and its members regularly meet every month. It has over 750 registered members. The meetup speakers are SMEs from various companies like Red Hat, IBM, Lenovo, Google and many local startups like CloudPerceptions. The last Kubernetes meetup for 2017 took place on November 30 at The Frontier – RTP. It was hosted by IBM and organizers of the meetup Shixiong Shang (@shshang), Randy Tuttle (@randyttl) and others. A special thanks to Doug Davis (@duginabox) for helping with organizing the event.

Summary of the event
The meetup was registered by a record 118 folks with around fifty percent actual attendance. The attendees were from various backgrounds and represented more than a dozen companies or institutes with the common interest of learning more about Kubernetes and Blockchain. IBM speakers – Tong Li and Sahdev Zala – discussed two interesting topics: how to deploy Blockchain on Kubernetes and how issues are managed in Kubernetes with a focus on helping new developers getting on-board with Kubernetes upstream development. Presentation decks are available for both the talks – Blockchain, Hyperledger Fabric and Deployment Over Kubernetes and Kubernetes Issues Management and Upstream Development.

Blockchain, Hyperledger Fabric and Deployment Over Kubernetes

Tong Li had a great session on this topic. Tong is a long-time contributor to open source and he currently contributes to Hyperledger fabric project. The first two charts took about 15 minutes with very interactive and questions from audience. There were lots of questions and curiosity about how Blockchain works. Tong started with an introduction to Blockchain, used Bitcoin and Etherum as examples of how Blockchain technology works; he added a lot of details regarding the hash code calculation, consensus algorithms and showed audience both Bitcoin and Etherum live chain status. After introduction to Blockchain technology, Tong spoke about the Linux Foundation open source project Hyperledger Fabric. He talked about the key differences between Bitcoin, Etherum and Hyperledger Fabric. Due to the fact that deployment of Hyperledger Fabric network is not a trivial task, Tong introduced the audience to the Hyperledger deployment project called Cello. At the end, Tong gave a demo to stand up Fabric network.


Kubernetes Issues Management and Upstream Development

Sahdev P. Zala presented this topic. Sahdev is a Kubernetes upstream contributor and also a core reviewer in the OpenStack. Overall, Sahdev has actively contributing to open source development for over five years. The past meetups were really great with amazing speakers but mainly focused on the Kubernetes operations. So, based on interest from meetup members, this session was targeted for current or potential new contributors to help learn the upstream contribution opportunities with focus on Issues Management and Pull Request work flow. The presentation was outlined as below,


Alongside the presentation, Sahdev also encouraged folks to contribute to the project. Besides charts, the talk was focused on using live material from the Kubernetes github repositories. For example, a walk though was provided on how labels and bots work, what are the docs to set up development environment and what are the issues triage guidelines. The charts have all the online links for easy references. The session was very interactive specially at the end with discussion from multiple members. Some of the questions/discussion/feedback highlights from members:

  • Knowing how it works, seems like the Kubernetes project is well managed and easy to contribute. I wish some of my colleagues were here too.
  • I have opened an issue long time back but no one looked at it which was disappointing but I have found a fix and I will be creating a Pull Request once get some time.
  • Do I run into any legal trouble using or contributing to the project?
  • Startup companies run into issues with Kubernetes and they create fixes locally but do not have resources to contribute to upstream.


Overall, good attendance, interactions and organization made it possible to have another great Kubernetes meetup in the RTP. We look forward for more in 2018.

Happy Holidays!!

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