Welcome to our recap post for Watson Discovery IBM Code Patterns! In this post I will cover what Watson Discovery is, what it can be used for, and a list of IBM Code Patterns that you can check out.

What is Watson Discovery?

Watson Discovery uses data analysis combined with cognitive intuition in order to take your unstructured data and enrich it so that you can query it to return the information that you need from it. It is available as an IBM Cloud service and can be configured via a web interface, API calls, or several SDKs.

Use Cases

So, what can you use Watson Discovery for?

IBM Code Patterns related to Watson Discovery

If you’re unfamiliar with IBM Code Patterns, they are reproducible examples that are hosted on Github and free to use (they often work on IBM Cloud’s free-tier too!). They contain detailed documentation on how to deploy and run the application, and a video to explain things. Below are the patterns we released in 2017 that relate to Watson Discovery.

What to expect in 2018?

Expect more Code Patterns for Watson Discovery that help analyze customer reviews, visualize unstructured data, and how you can customize NLU for higher accuracy. If you’re interested in reading more about IBM Code Patterns check out my other blogs about Watson Conversation, Watson Visual Recognition, Watson Data Platform, and PowerAI.

Hope you enjoyed reading, happy hacking!

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