The 2008 financial crisis exposed the economic volatility created by financial institutes and led to a different perspective of financial institutions for managing our retirements and investments. The emergence of Financial Technology or FinTech in the last few years is now looking to provide individuals with more insight into their finances while allowing financial institutes to become more transparent and make smarter investments. Fintech is the technological innovation being developed for financial services. This includes digital banking, lending, investment management, and market infrastructures.

For investment management, fintech services can democratize financial services which previously required strong mathematical and statistical skills. These complex computations which previously were used only at a few institutes can now be easily incorporated by developers. Computations that took historically hours to complete can be computed in minutes. And the users of these services are anyone that owns financial assets.

The IBM Code Patterns for fintech demonstrates many financial services available on IBM Cloud for Financial Services. These code pattern include performing integration and aggregation of investment portfolio data from brokerages, performing scenario analysis for an investment portfolio for different market conditions, and optimizing an investment portfolio with user specified benchmarks, industries, and allocation for their portfolio. These patterns provide sample web applications using these services with a user friendly web interface and one allowing user to create an investment management chatbot.

As fintech continues to innovate financial services, the developers can utilize IBM Cloud for Financial Services to greatly enhance their service for better management of portfolios and allowing users to better own their investments.

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