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With our new code pattern, Create a real-time payments application, transferring money is now as easy as sending a text or email to your contact!

Better transfers wanted

There are any number of different ways to transfer money, but most are a hassle and leave you wanting a better experience.

You can write a check, but not many people carry checks with them; if the recipient is in another location then you have to mail the check and wait till the recipient receives and deposits it. You can do an Automated Clearing House or wire transfer, which can require transfer fees and the recipient’s account number — and not many people like sharing that information. There’s also been a rise in third-party apps that link to your bank account and can send money to a recipient account. These apps require users to trust a third party with their money, which again makes many people hesitant to try them.

Each of these current methods have inefficiencies and and can make a user uncomfortable when sending or requesting money. But now there’s a better way.

See it in action

The IBM Cloud Real-Time Payments service enables banks to provide their users with a seamless money transfer capability. With this service, you can link your phone number or email to your bank account. You can add recipients identified by their phone number or email.

In the Create a real-time payments application pattern, we demonstrate a web application that simulates a banking portal, providing users with a dummy savings and checking account and enabling them to perform send and request transactions. Try it for yourself and see how easily users can create recipients and send or request money from them.

The service provides developers with a set of API calls to perform the user’s requests. Through API calls, you can create tokens such as phone number or email for accounts, create and retrieve recipients, make payments and request payments. The code pattern showcases these API calls through a Node.js backend, which gathers users’ responses and makes the appropriate API calls. The front-end has been designed to be user friendly on desktop and mobile, as more users are preferring mobile to make transactions.

We hope you’ll try Create a real-time payments application today and discover just how easy it is to create a fast, secure, easy-to-use application for transferring money.

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