We’re excited to launch a new code pattern, Create a rewards program application and APIs!

With the release of Node.js on z/OS, you can empower your enterprise’s digital experience. IBM Z let’s you take advantage of co-location and exploit tailored connectivity solutions to critical assets on the platform. Our new code pattern demonstrates the benefits of Node.js on z/OS by walking you through the steps to create and deploy a Node.js application on z/OS.

A vital platform

Node.js is a JavaScript runtime designed for building scalable server-side applications. Since its initial release in 2009, Node.js has gained vast popularity and became a vital platform for developing modern applications due to its modularity, connectivity, agility, and scalability. Node.js on z/OS enables enterprise clients to efficiently augment existing IBM Z application stacks to provide timely response to customer requirements, driven by digital transformation.

In this code pattern, we model a fictitious credit-card company with a business requirement often faced by today’s finance institutions. Our credit-card company manages its critical data, such as customers’ data and credit-card information, on the z/OS platform. Faced with a requirement to create a new rewards program, the company selects Node.js and the LoopBack framework to efficiently create a new set of REST APIs. The company chooses to host this Node.js application on the z/OS platform to benefit from co-location and avoid extra ETL costs. In this way, the company controls the data exposed, while keeping the critical data secured on the platform.

Hands-on experience

To discover why Node.js is an ideal platform to build new APIs for the rewards program, you will take the role of the developer tasked with building the Node.js rewards program application. You’ll get hands-on experience creating and deploying your Node.js application on z/OS and gain basic knowledge about Node.js and LoopBack development. We encourage you to get your code experience on z/OS, but you can also run the code on any other Node.js supported platform. The bottom line is, we want to help you succeed no matter what platform you use.

If you want to gain experience with Node.js on z/OS, learn more about the benefits of deploying Node.js, or simply want to learn about Node.js and the LoopBack framework, you’ve come to right place. Complete the Create a rewards program application and APIs code pattern today, and take your Node.js skills to enterprise level!

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