This post was co-authored by Yamini Rao and Angela Bates.

As part of IBM Code London, the Developer Ecosystems team run weekly meetups (every Monday and Wednesday) for internal and external developers at the IBM Southbank Client Centre.

These meetups include a series of hands-on workshops on a variety of technologies:

  • Cloud Native Development and Containers
  • Internet of Things
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Data Science
  • Blockchain

Each of these tracks are split into several workshops diving deeper in to the subject each time.

Having started early February, our meetup group is now 500+ members and counting. We have had an attendance of 200 developers from across the UK for our meetups, so far.


Here’s some feedback from our members:

“An agreeable evening with good hospitality from IBM, Ross Cruickshank’s introduction to the topic of iot and it’s complexities was excellent, and good quality computer science. A very promising start.” – Brian Linuxing

“Thanks to the IBM team for delivering a great workshop. I liked the content and look forward to the rest of the series.” – Conrad Smith

“Excellent workshop, great intro to containers and micro services and the exercise was well pitched it wasn’t to complex, and gave me quick look at the utility of a cloud platform.” – Conrad Smith

“Thanks for yesterday Sean and the rest of the team. Really enjoyed it!” – Gabriel Morris

Developer advocates

  • Ross Cruickshank – IoT
  • Sean Tracey – IoT
  • Arlemi Turpault – Artificial Intelligence
  • Edmund Shee – Cloud Native Development
  • Community Management – Yamini Rao

Join the London meetup group and meet the team.

We hope to see you at our events!

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