Understanding data effectively can be tricky. With too little data, any kind of analysis is unreliable. But too much data can make it difficult to understand exactly what you’re looking at. These days, very few people suffer from too little data, but too much data is a common problem in the age of big data.

The Cognos Dashboard Embedded, a new service offered on IBM Cloud, lets developers easily add end-to-end data visualization capabilities to their applications so users can create visualizations that feel like part of the app.

Why Cognos Dashboard Embedded?

So, how did we come up with the name?

  • Well, the Cognos part used to be Dynamic because the world is always changing–and so is the data that is being created in the world.
  • Dashboard because you need clear and concise indicators to understand your data.
  • Embedded because this API-based solution easily integrates with–and looks like it’s part of–your existing application.

  • A demo brings it all together

    This is all nice in theory, but sometimes seeing how something works is more useful than hearing how it works.

    That’s why some intrepid developers at IBM put together a demonstration application that walks you step-by-step through setting up and using Cognos Dashboard Embedded. Want to see how it works? There is an instance of the demonstration application already set up for you to play with.

    Or, for those of you who like to get more involved, we open sourced a demonstration application that you can download and run locally from its GitHub repository. Additionally, you can click the ‘Deploy to IBM Cloud’ button on the main page of that repository to launch your own instance of the application. (You’ll need an IBM Cloud account, of course.)

    Try it for free!

    To learn more and try it for free, visit the Cognos Dashboard Embedded site.

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