As part of a new hire training program called Developer JumpStart SLAM, we worked with the Developer Advocacy group to create Watson Stock Advisor. This app uses Cloudant DB, Watson Discovery, and a third-party API (Alpha Vantage) to display stock prices, news articles, and sentiment about different companies. The app also uses Node.js and Angular technology stacks. The goal was to provide developers with a reproducible example to jump-start their coding projects.

The app can store a portfolio of select companies, which mimics buying and selling stocks. You can choose to add any NYSE- or NASDAQ-listed company to the portfolio or delete an existing one within the portfolio. The app also shows interactive graphs for sentiment breakdown and the trend over time along with recent news for the portfolio or for a given company. Alpha Vantage provides the historical prices for the stocks while Watson Discovery retrieves the recent news and sentiments for the companies.

We’re happy to announce that this app is now available as an IBM code pattern. You can learn more about the Stock Advisor app and how it’s built, as well as get instructions for deploying the app to IBM Cloud, in the project’s README on GitHub. We can’t wait to see what exciting and innovative applications you create. Happy coding!

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