Want to combine IoT with Blcockchain? IBM gives you that experience to design an interactive app that will work as a plug-in to a previously set up Blockchain Hyperledger Network. This app will receive the incoming blocks from the blockchain and set device IDs on Watson IoT Platform, and then store its data for each user and perform the data analysis. Check out the code pattern, “Use IoT dashboards to analyze data sent from a Blockchain network“. The IoT app plays the role of organizing the users, listing them for different purposes and receiving values from the transactions for analytical displays on a dashboard on the platform itself. Additional panels are provided to get more information about each device, device total count, value display, and real-time graph. While Node-RED stores information in a Cloudant database and communicates with the Watson IoT Platform, Node-RED is also providing a dashboard UI where the blockchain transactions, fitcoins, steps, and other analytic displays are listed. Happy IoT-Blockchain coding. Let us know what you think! Comment, contribute, or open issues as you dig in!

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