These days, many people use various devices to check on and track health data for themselves. A new IBM Code pattern, where you build the MyPulse web app, targets the most used device in the world: a smartphone. MyPulse uses accelerometer data from the mobile device. Unlike other health apps, though, MyPulse applies a design-based study that filters out the noise which eliminates errors.

MyPulse takes the accelerometer metrics (heart rate and time data) and makes a prediction using Watson Machine Learning on what the pulse rate is, translated as beats per minute. A generated number is associated with the mobile device, and the device is registered with Watson IoT Platform, where the gyroscope metrics are displayed in real-time on an ongoing graph. All the data is stored in a Cloudant database.

Do you want to try your hand at applying a machine learning model to your IoT sensor data? Then check out my new IBM Code pattern, Develop a web-based mobile health app that uses machine learning, and let me know what you think in the comments or star my repo if you like what you see!

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