How many times have we received offers over email, SMS, or phone calls on products we are not interested in? This not only wastes the time for prospective customers but there is a risk of the customer ignoring the message even when the product offer is something that could be of interest.

Any marketing campaign must target the right audience for maximum effectiveness. This requires advanced analytics to be run on the various sources of data – customer purchase orders, customer browsing history, customer reviews, etc. There are many channels on which a prospective customer can be contacted. A campaign automation tool can reduce the effort in running the marketing campaigns on various channels.

IBM Watson™ Studio is an analytics tool that can connect to variety of data sources and build models using Python, R, or Scala using the data. IBM Watson Campaign Automation can be used to automate campaign across various channels.

The IBM Code developer code pattern “Determine target audience and run marketing campaigns” demonstrates the use of Watson Studio and Watson Campaign Automation to determine the target audience and run campaigns.

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