Recently, three developers from the IBM Kitura team ran an evening event at the iOSLondon meetup. IBM was invited based on our booth and presentation at iOSCon London earlier this year, where we made contact during networking with Paul Dinulescu, the organizer of the meetup. He was very interested in hearing more about IBM’s offerings to mobile developers, including Watson and CoreML, and invited IBM to run a full evening of talks at his meetup.

Three talks were presented:

  • Build AI into your app with CoreML and Watson (Alex Wishart)

    Learn how to create and train a custom visual recognition model using IBM Watson and analyse images in your iOS apps, through CoreML. (Skillscast)

  • Server-side Swift with the Kitura web framework (David Dunn)

    Kitura is a lightweight, simple to use, web framework built with Swift. I’ll give an introduction to Kitura, including the new Codable routing features introduced in Kitura 2, and demonstrate how simple it is to get started with server-side Swift. (Skillscast)

  • Go server-less with Apache OpenWhisk (Andrew Lees)

    Apache OpenWhisk is the leading open source platform for Functions as a Service, with built-in support for Swift. Get an introduction to serverless computing and learn how to quickly build and deploy FaaS in Swift. (Skillscast)

There were around 35 attendees at the meetup, representing a mix of students, freelancers, contractors and permanent iOS developers from all sizes of companies.

Check out other events and meetups that might be in your neck of the woods.

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