Earlier this year, we attended the WeAreDevelopers World Congress conference in Vienna. Named Europe’s largest playground for developers, founded as recently as 2015, the Congress has truly grown from strength to strength. From May 16th – 18th there were 8,000 participants, 250+ speakers, 100+ sponsors, who all convened in Austria’s capital for 3 days of developer fun. Discover all about IBM Code and our fantastic adventure at WeAreDevelopers…

The focus of the world congress was on People.Code.Future. inspiring through keynotes, workshops, and panel discussions. Across more than ten parallel tracks, topics ranged from AI to DevOps, from OpenSource to Mobile Development. Diversity is a clear priority for WeAreDevelopers: with so many women speaking (Women in Tech comprised 60% of the lineup) at the Congress, there were also panel discussions and initiatives (such as 200 free Congress passes) to further inclusion and collaboration in tech. These are some of the reasons which make WeAreDevelopers a flagship event of the tech world.

Keynotes came from the likes of Steve Wozniak (Co-Founder, Apple) who revealed why he left Facebook and his secret to happiness, Joel Spolsky (Founder of Stack Overflow and Trello), and Klaus Straub (CIO, BMW). Jonas Jacobi (VP, IBM Developer Advocacy) also took to the stage for a keynote on our approach to the developer community and its importance in our pursuit to become the most trusted and respected technology company in the world. Jonas shared the importance of Open Source, the development of Cloud Computing, coupled with the offering of our technology as a Service. This has created a democratisation, which has changed the industry to focus on individuals more, giving developers far more decision-making power. Jonas also discussed what IBM is working on to stay ahead in an increasingly competitive market with rapidly evolving technologies, such as IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing, Neural Networks, and Neurosynaptic chips.

Open Source
Jonas shared that IBM has 78,0000 Open Source Certified Developers and how we are contributing to 6,500 open source projects. IBM been involved in and leading the launch of: The Apache Software Foundation, The Linux Foundation, The Eclipse Foundation, The Cloud Foundry Foundation, The Node.js Foundation, The CNCF Foundation, …
Recent donations to Open Source include: Java: Eclipse OpenJ9 & Open Liberty, Hyperledger, Fabric for Deep Learning, QISKit, and the Center of Open Source Data and AI Technologies.

Jonas Jacobi at WeAreDevelopers Joe Sepi at WeAreDevelopers

Joe Sepi, City Leader from our IBM Code New York City team of developer advocates and Node.js Foundation Community Committte Member, encouraged developers to start and engage more in Open Source technologies and projects. Explaining both why and how, Joe shared practical examples of ways to enter and strengthen the community with valuable contributions. From increasing your learning to getting a job, discover how you can get into OSS, too! Check out Joe’s reasons for doing more in the Open Source Community and the variety of different ways you can contribute to Open Source – it’s not just with code. Joe gave lots of tips for OSS newbies and those who are just starting out, for those trying to carve more time or even trying to convince their boss/company to invest more time into Open Source. Here’s the recording of Joe’s awesome talk.

Developer Advocate Niklas Heidloff held a well-attended talk, with over 800 attendees, where he analysed when to use Serverless and when to use Kubernetes technologies for cloud native applications, sparking great discussions with attendees afterwards. Niklas describes Function as a Service (FaaS) as the next evolution of Platform as a Service (PaaS), with the same goal to make developers more productive by managing the infrastructure.

Our very own Ansgar Schmidt gave not one, but two workshops! Both were fully booked and top rated; both engaged the audience with expertise and hands-on experience of our IBM Cloud and its capabilities in Internet of Things, Kubernetes and Serverless. The curated sessions led participants through the process of creating a Kubernetes cluster, serverless databases, and even an introduction to Watson Assistant, to mention but a few.

Filled IBM workshop at WeAreDevelopers

The WeAreDevelopers global community met for the 2018 Congress at the Austria Center Vienna, engaging the brightest minds, bringing together what they call those unique creatures that are able to turn coffee into software! A nifty app, goodie bag, and plethora of tea and coffee greeted the conference goers. Other industry-leading brands in attendance alongside IBM included: BMW Group, BOSCH, Eventbrite, Github, Slack, Twitter, Vodafone, and Volkswagen. Our IBM booth in the exhibition area was located beside the Chillout Lounge; joining us were colleagues from ecx.io and many different teams from across Europe!

Rubber duck at WeAreDevelopers IBM at WeAreDevelopers 2018

Hear from more IBMers about their experiences at WeAreDevelopers: from Vladislav Saling and Niklas Heidloff.

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Find out more about our team and the events we are attending across Germany, Austria and Switzerland, check out our IBM Code Berlin team homepage.

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