The Internet of Things (IoT) is turning out to one of the most disruptive and useful forms of technology. However, there are a quite a few challenges that come with implementing an IoT system, such as:

  • Security – How can we prevent IoT devices from being compromised? If a device does get compromised, how can we minimize the potential damage from said device?
  • Redundancy: How can we prevent data from being lost due to corruption, accidental deletion, etc.?
  • Transparency – How can we allow interested parties to see the state of IoT devices without compromising security?

In the “Leverage blockchain monitoring” developer code pattern, we’ll demonstrate an application that can address a few of these concerns by integrating a Hyperledger blockchain service with the IBM Watson™ IoT platform. This blockchain integration allows registered IoT devices to efficiently create and track an asset as it travels through a supply chain. Using the blockchain in this case will allow interested parties to see the owner/state of an asset in real time as it is updated and for transactions to be validated before they are carried out.

This application also offers a front-end UI that allows users to view each individual block and associated transaction.

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