IBM Booth at DockerCon 2018

Much like the first day of DockerCon, day 2 was packed with great sessions and excited folks eager to learn more about containers and Docker. My team and I had a different type of goal for the day — interview some of the awesome attendees at the conference and stream those talks to Twitch!

Twitch stands tall as one of the biggest streaming platforms available, and is particularly popular in the gaming community. Although we’re big fans of gaming and eSports here at IBM, we realize that players streaming games isn’t the only way to use Twitch; there’s a whole lot of communities that are streaming pretty much anything!

With a wide Twitch audience in mind, we wanted to hit two great communities with our Twitch stream from DockerCon: IRL (In Real Life) and Live Coding. Here’s a few highlights from our Twitch streams today:

Phil Estes, IBM

Phil Estes and Spencer Krum behind the scenes at DockerCon

Our first interview of the day set the bar high. Spencer Krum, IBM Developer Advocate and leader of our Twitch operation, interviewed Phil Estes (@estesp), Docker Captain, IBM Distinguished Engineer, Chief Technology Officer, and Open Source Software maintainer of the Docker Engine (now Moby). Phil talked about containerd, a lightweight container runtime that also powers Docker. It’s important to note that containerd isn’t a replacement for Docker, but rather was created to help fill the need for a stable, performant core container runtime for Kubernetes.

Phil and Spencer then jumped into some live coding where Phil showed off ways to work with a containerd-based cluster on IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service. This interview definitely set the pace — we were to see a lot of live coding in our talks throughout the day.

Watch the interview with Phil Estes

Gareth Rushgrove, Docker

Next, we interviewed Gareth Rushgrove (@garethr), a software developer at Docker. Gareth demoed the slick Docker Desktop capability at the DockerCon general session. During our interview, he showed off an experimental new capability, Docker Application Packages. Essentially, it enables you to extend Docker Compose files to support slight differences configuration differences when working with multiple apps or environments. You can check out Docker Application Packages on GitHub.

Watch the interview with Gareth Rushgrove

Lee Liu, LogDNA

After everyone had a chance to grab lunch, we jumped back into the interviews. Spencer interviewed Lee Liu (@trylogdna), co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at LogDNA, who showed us how easy it was to integrate LogDNA with a running app on Kubernetes. In a matter of minutes, Lee helped guide Spencer through the process of routing logs from a running Kubernetes application into LogDNA. Spencer had a solid “OMG!” moment when he watched all the logs streaming into the LogDNA dashboard with so little work. Be sure to check out LogDNA!

Watch the interview with Lee Liu

That’s a wrap from DockerCon!

Jason McGee and Spencer Krum at DockerCon 2018

Before I knew it, my time at DockerCon 2018 was coming to an end. After two incredibly exciting — and exhausting! — days, it’s clear to me that Docker is going to continue to play a huge part in the cloud-native ecosystem. If you haven’t had the chance, check out my impressions of day 1. You can also take a look at the other Twitch interviews we did with experts who dropped by the booth:

One more thing: if you’re interested in learning on how to use container technology like Docker on IBM’s Cloud, you have to check out or IBM Code Patterns. These 360-degree views of code are designed to get you and the entire development community working smarter!

[Big thanks to Cullen Taylor for directing the Twitch streams and Morgan Bauer for the photos.]

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