After months of planning, and just a couple weeks removed from our VivaTech announcement, we’re thrilled to announce that Call for Code is officially open for submissions. It’s time to show the world that developers have the power to save lives and use technology to bring about real, positive change.

Call for Code, as you may have heard, is a global challenge that calls on developers to build sustainable software solutions that address natural disaster preparedness. The winner receives $200,000, a chance to implement their solution in an area that desperately needs it, and much, much more.

As a native Puerto Rican, I saw first-hand the devastation that hurricanes Maria and Irma caused on the island. I have no doubt that the right technology could have saved lives and prevented some of the massive power outages that continue to plague my home country.


There’s a convergence in the technology landscape right now with cloud, data, AI and blockchain creating a revolution in the way developers are building solutions. The time has never been better for us to come together as a community and use our skills for good.

IBM has signed on as the founding partner in Call for Code, along with cause creator David Clark Cause. We also launch this week with humanitarian partners The American Red Cross and United Nations Human Rights office. The Linux Foundation, which has been an incredible open source partner for several years, has also signed on as a technology partner.

There are three levels of support that we’ve designed to help you customize your involvement in Call for Code:

1. Commit to the Cause: You can spread the word within your organization with our pre-made Digital Kits. Spread the word with your co-workers and social networks with customizable graphics and emails.

2. Push for Change: We’ll be running a series of Call for Code Days with our partner organizations. During these events, our developer advocates will be on hand to answer questions and help train your teams on the tools they’ll need (cloud, data, AI, blockchain) to build their Call for Code solution.

3. Answer the Call: Does your organization want the recognition of being involved in one of the most important developer movements ever created? Those who join us at the Answer the Call level will be recognized as affiliates, supporters or sponsors of the inaugural Call for Code challenge.

To get you started in creating your submission, we’ve compiled a ton of great content to help you get started. This includes blogs, code patterns, tutorials, TechTalks and more—all curated to help you harness the technologies I mentioned before and put them to use in concert.

This is a great day for everyone involved in the Call for Code Initiative. I encourage you to check out the links above and get involved at the level that suits you and your organization.

In the meantime, help the cause by sharing this article and letting everyone know that it’s officially time to answer the call. [Click here to share this article via Twitter]

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