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Just a few weeks into the Call for Code, and the excitement is spreading about how developers like you can make a real difference in people’s lives around the world. Recently, experts from IBM, The Weather Company, the Linux Foundation, the United Nations Human Rights Office, NEA, and the American Red Cross sat down to share their thoughts and experiences about the pressing need to focus technology to truly make an important difference when natural disaster strikes. After that, it’s up to you, and 22 million other developers around the world, to arrive at the best and most innovative ideas and methods to help build a better future. This broadcast will share first hand accounts of how technology has helped the affected and also practical input about deploying technology and code in less than ideal circumstances.

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1 comment on"Call for Code: How 22M Developers Take on Disaster Preparedness~Planning for the Worst, Coding for the Best"

  1. Dalean Barnett July 12, 2018

    Working in the non-profit, NGO, and humanitarian sector is really challenging as it relates to budget availability. In a disaster one of the most crucial areas of any organization responding is an Emergency Operations Center. I am unsure about how the First World Coutries handles their systems, however, in the Caribbean we rely on manual processes and procedures during these deparate times. An open source web EOC solution that seeks to automate and streamline these processes and procedures would be very beneficial in this area. From initial message received re threat, to activating the EOC, to receiving reports, dispatching support/help to concluding the operation. That scale of a web application would greatly improve the accuracy and reporting requirements of such undertakings.

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