Are your help-desk agents spending too much time covering repeat questions? Are they spending too much time collecting information and opening tickets, instead of focusing on core issues? Virtual HelpDesk to the rescue! With the latest IBM Watson™ technologies, you can easily build a Virtual HelpDesk solution and free your help-desk agents for more important tasks.

The developer code pattern titled “Create a virtual help desk” offers a jumpstart. It provides a framework and core business logic for you to build a virtual help-desk solution. With a customized chatbot tailored to your company requirements, your Virtual HelpDesk app can be up and running in no time. In addition to the virtual agent, the Watson Discovery service can make your entire knowledge base easily accessible. Best of all, the core components are well integrated, and end users can partake in a unified experience.

Pattern flow highlights:

  • Watson Discovery collection is populated with knowledge base information.
  • End user interacts with the virtual agent via the app UI.
  • End-user input is processed by the virtual agent.
  • When the virtual agent is trained to cover the discussion subject, it quickly provides feedback. When the virtual agent is not trained to cover the discussion subject, it searches the knowledge base for suggestion(s). If found, relevant suggestions are displayed via the app UI. If no relevant information is found in the knowledge base, or the relevant information from knowledge base does not satisfy the end user, Virtual HelpDesk opens a ticket in a back-office ticketing system.
  • The back-office ticketing system takes over the support task.

Check out the pattern and get started running your own virtual help desk.

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