On the evening of July 17th, an IBM Cloud Developers in Stuttgart meetup took place in the very heart of the city at The University of Stuttgart. Since Stuttgart is not too far from our IBM Germany headquarters in Ehningen and our Research & Development Lab in Boeblingen, we made sure to swing by and discover more!

Not yet familiar with the Meetup concept? Meetup is the world’s largest network of local communities united by similar interests, meeting to share their passions. What is Meetup used for? Meetup groups range from running to writing, from knitting to surfing, from React to Blockchain. Meetup empowers people to get involved, believing we are at our best when we get together and do the things that matter to us. The tech startup Meetup was founded in 2002, there are currently over 300,000 Meetup groups and over 35,000,000 Meetup members.

“We are a group of developers and architects, interested in learning about the IBM Cloud and its offerings. Join us, if you are interested in learning or working with Containers, Kubernetes, PaaS, Cloud Foundry, Serverless computing, FaaS or anything from IBM Cloud’s wide catalogue of services (including the Watson cognitive APIs).” – IBM Cloud Developers in Stuttgart

This well-established IBM Cloud Meetup in Stuttgart has over 300 members and has already hosted 14 meetups. At their last IBM Cloud Developers in Stuttgart meetup, the group learned about pushing NodeJS, Java and Swift apps onto the IBM Cloud. This time, the topics included chatbots and consumer home devices on the IBM Cloud. Since the community comprises a group of volunteers from different companies and backgrounds, the topics are proposed and presented by the members themselves.

The IBM Cloud developers meetup typically starts with drinks and snacks, yes – there was plenty of pizza! Two speakers shared their IBM Cloud projects with the meetup communuity, which was split up with a small break in-between. Afterwards, we had an informal networking session.

“As an IBM Cloud developer, the IBM Cloud Developers Meetup Stuttgart is a great way to spread the word on what we have to offer and to show our presence in the local developer community. Even more importantly, it is an opportunity to interact with developers using our solutions, after each meetup I take home valuable feedback to the labs.” – Jörg Erdmenger, IBM Cloud Developer

Build a chatbot the easy way

Want to quickly and easily build a chatbot, integrate it with Slack, Facebook Messenger or other platforms? Connect the bot with a database? Henrik Loeser started with the basics, then walked us through the steps of building our own chatbot on IBM Cloud. Who knew it was so easy?!

How to build a chatbot powered by IBM Watson

“I will definitely try the chatbot solution Henrik presented.”

Alexa, meet IBM Cloud

Are you tired of Alexa not reading you the whole Wikipedia article? The next part of the meetup was all about using IBM Cloud to host consumer home devices. Peter Goetz shared his application on IBM Cloud to teach Alexa to read Wikipedia articles with ease. Peter did some awesome live coding – what a performance!

“I used other clouds for my projects before. This meetup offers me a good opportunity to learn about the capabilities IBM offers. Before today’s meetup I wasn’t aware of the lite plan IBM Cloud is offering to everybody. “
Peter Goetz and the Call for Code at our IBM Cloud meetup BM Cloud meetup answering the Call for Code

“IBM Cloud Developers in Stuttgart Meetup gives all the developers in the area a stage to learn, network, and present their skills around Cloud. Being a Cloud Native developer and sharing the expertise is something, I as a developer always look forward to.” – Sugandha Agrawal, Organiser and Software Engineer

Do you attend meetups? What topics would you be interested in at an IBM Cloud meetup? Click here to join this meetup: IBM Cloud Developers in Stuttgart

Call for Code

Sugandha also presented our worldwide challenge for developers, the Call for Code, to use technology for good and to address global issues. IBM is a founding partner, collaborating with the United Nations Human Rights Office, the American Red Cross, and the Linux Foundation, to name but a few. This years’ focus is natural disaster preparedness and relief. We have been sharing the news of Call for Code as much as we can: at CEBIT as we focused on transformation, leveraging Artificial Intelligence at Unite Berlin , at Tech Open Air as we discovered more about quantum technology, and in our every day coding to share models with you. Discover how you can get involved and answer the call.

Additional resources for you

Alexa Skill Watson Assistant on GitHub – fork the code here – create an Alexa skill using serverless IBM Cloud functions (based on Apache OpenWhisk), Watson Assistant, and The Weather Company data. Check out the demo on YouTube, or more AI code patterns.

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